Sunrise to Sunset at Mountain Sky Guest Ranch

Wranglers 2015

Many thanks to staff member Kjell Redal, who utilized his own equipment, the ranch drone, and footage taken by some former employees to capture a day at Mountain Sky Guest Ranch. Long time ranch musician Mark Longie provided the soundtrack, and our wonderful guests served as the talent!

Grace, Beauty, Spirit and Fire.

Horses - Mountain Sky Guest Ranch

Love horses?

Keep Calm at Mountain Sky

We stumbled upon this image and just had to share.  It got us thinking, actually, about our Wild West Women Getaways this spring – we can’t wait!  They’re almost full, so if you were thinking about joining us, give Jenny a call (1.800.548.3392).  There are a few spots left for May 20 – 25, 2014!



Just like that, in the blink of an eye, our family season has ended.  11 weeks of beautiful chaos, costume-clad mayhem, and overall mischief have come to an end.  Approximately one million marshmallows have been consumed, perhaps even two.  Thirty dodgeballs have been put into storage under lock and key.  Ten Super Soakers have been destroyed and laid to rest where all great water guns go to die – Bear Town.  Two kids horses have retired to the green, grassy pastures to munch away until next season.  One epic slip n’ slide has been washed, rolled up, and put in the recreation shed.  Thank you to our amazing guests and counselors who made this an incredibly successful family season.  Bravo, everyone, bravo.

For the kids…

Here’s a little something to keep the kiddos entertained while you’re outdoors this weekend!  Print the checklist and have them take it along on a walk.  Or, grab some crayons and blank paper and have them make a nature journal.  Channel your inner John Muir, kids!  Happy trails!


One Fish, Two Fish…

Imagine yourself in the brisk air, wading knee-deep in the cool waters of Big Creek, as the first morning light passes through the tree branches and you cast your fly into the water.  This is just a typical morning for the fly-fisherman (or woman) on the ranch.  The creek is home to both rainbow and cutthroat trout and has a number of fishing holes alongside the road.  The ranch is happy to provide waders, poles,flies, and transportation to those who request it.  Start your day with a trout on the end of your line.

“A trout is a moment of beauty known only to those who seek it.” – Arnold Gingrich

SSS_0124 SSS_0101


Game Time.

It’s Saturday here at Mountain Sky. What does that mean exactly? An afternoon
game of Dr. Splashball followed by the most epic slip n’ slide this side of the
Mississippi, of course! This is the 10 year anniversary of Splashball and we
have been commemorating the game in style. Some of our great themes have been:
Arabian knights vs. Eskimos, native Montana animals vs. mystical creatures,
hippies vs. The Man, and cowboys vs. aliens. After the epic battle and a few
runs down the 70 foot slip n’ slide, all are encouraged to grab a milkshake by
the pool in order to refuel their batteries. Happy Splashball Saturday!

Mayan sacrifice. Epic battle.

Winding up. Let the battle begin.

Rallying teammates. WWF theme.

Rock stars. Chasing the ghost.

The man of all men, Mr. RC Townsend, ladies and gentlemen!


Spin Your Partner Round and Round

The entire ranch is preparing for our weekly dance night!  We are counting down the minutes until we push aside the furniture in the great room, slip on our dancin’ boots, and grab a partner to two-step with while Western Skies serenades us with some of the most popular country songs of today.  You can always count on the band to play “Mustang Sally” and “Wagon Wheel”… two of our favorites!  Put those on your Pandora station and reminisce on your Thursday night at Mountain Sky while we tear up the dance floor.  Happy Thursday!


DSC_2277 DSC_6189



DSC_6197 DSC_3845

The children of Bear Town are fast at work…

Colored pencils are being sharpened, marker tips are being pushed into nubs, crayons are breaking, and paint is covering tiny smocked bodies as the kids of Bear Town are fast at work creating their art gallery. It is truly rainbow colored chaos. And we love every minute of it. Where do we draw inspiration for our fine art pieces? Nature, of course! Check out some of our masterpieces.

Looking very Western
Looking very Western
See the rising sun?
See the rising sun?
The "moo cows" down at Lower Ranch
The “moo cows” down at Lower Ranch
Great Mountain Sky picture!  Thanks, Morgan!
Great Mountain Sky picture! Thanks, Morgan!
We love our head of kid's program!
We love our head of kid’s program!